Friday, August 17, 2012

Libelle The Series: Episode 1

Remember me talking about a webseries I was working on last year?

Well, after more shooting, lots of editing, music composition, titles design, special effects and color grading etc. and a whole lot of work from a whole lot of people, Episode 1 launched this week. Huge congratulations to the producing team of Julia Dordel and Anita Reimer who have never lost faith in their vision and have stuck to their guns the whole way through the process.

In even better news than the show finally launching, the first five episodes directed by yours truly and cut together into a 1/2 hr. TV series pilot have been accepted for screening at the L.A. Film, TV and Webisode Festival.

Here's Episode 1:

Check out the Libelle The Series official site here. Find them on Facebook here. Follow them on Twitter here for all the latest updates and new episodes which will be launched on a weekly basis.