Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Libelle The Series: Episode 2

The next episode of the Eco-Thriller webseries Libelle launched today.

If you missed Episode 1, check it out here.

This was a fun episode to shoot with most of it being filmed around the University of British Columbia. We were extremely fortunate to get the boardroom location for the office scenes and it was one of those locations that we didn't lock until the last minute which made Pre-Production more than a little stressful. Finding an appropriate boardroom for a powerful character like McIntyre to reside in was tough and we looked at a LOT of different offices.

As a director, I can be a pain in the ass sometimes because I try to raise the bar high for everyone. Instead of shrugging my shoulders and saying "Meh, I guess this location can work" my M.O. is more "Nope, keep looking!" I'm aware that it makes it tough for my production team but 99% of the time sticking to my guns pays off on screen.

This was certainly the case in this instance. Those giant wooden  roof joists at the end of the episode when the character McIntyre is getting all fire and brimstone on poor Sonia really made the scene and fit the character perfectly.

Episode 3 will be launching next week so check back for that. Also, I'll be posting some awesome pics from a recent camping trip before the end of the week.

Until next time folks, enjoy the sunshine!