Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 WEEK 13 Pt. II: 50 x 50

In addition to collecting up the "odds 'n ends" of my last post, I managed a very quick challenge this week. These were the particulars:

1) 50 pictures
2) 50 minutes of picture taking
3) 50mm lens only
4) 100 ISO only and 100 shutter speed only
5) All pictures taken within a 5 block radius of my home
6) All pictures taken in black & white

It was a challenging exercise but well worth it. The black and white aspect meant that I needed to find subject matter with elements of contrast and/or texture. The low shutter speed meant I had to focus on non-moving subject matter. The 50mm (my old fav the Pentax Asahi SMC Takumar 50mm f/1.4) though giving some nice out of focus detail (bokeh-riffic baby!) made for some challenges in composition - there was no shortage of subject matter but quite often 50mm was too wide for real close-up work and too tight for decent architectural work.

Still, I did manage 50+ pictures in 50 minutes and these are some of my favorites...

Hopefully sometime soon the sun will coincide with my spare time and I can capture the Vancouver cherry blossom in full colour.

This "Gnome Door" is on the corner of Nelson and Jervis. There are all sorts of creative additions to the neighborhood made by residents of the West End.

Here's another "resident addition". There are a surprising number of shoes hanging off of wires in my neck of the woods and yet I've never seen anyone strolling around barefoot...

This one is my favourites of the bunch. Just the right combination of contrast, texture, depth and distance to subject matter to make it all work together.

One of the last photos taken, this is in my apartment building which is a bizarrely designed structure of long, mysteriously high corridors intersecting in an equally strangely designed courtyard. Many a pizza delivery guy has been lost within these shadowy hallways never to be seen again. On certain days, when the wind is in the right direction, you can hear their moans echoing amid the vague scent of mozzarella...