Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 WEEK 13 pt1: ODDS 'n ENDS

With spring comes the big clean! I have so many bits of different things all over the place... Time to sort things out, put things in their correct place (and that includes the trash) and get ready for new growth and wonderful summer opportunities.

I barely feel like I've scratched the surface of the clean-up pile but in terms of photo and video files I did find a whole bunch of random pictures, that although not part of a particular project or challenge I set for myself, are nonetheless worth sharing. Or maybe not... You tell me.

This first one was on a memory card I thought I had lost/erased long ago. This little fur ball is known around these parts as "Rambo". Taken with the Canon EF 50-255mm @ f/5.6 ISO 3200. I really like the soft filtered light coming in through my office window that you can see reflected in his eyes.

Also on the found memory card, were a whole bunch of pictures I took of my cousin Andrea's beautiful baby, Lucy. This photo was taken just before Christmas and she's grown a LOT since then.

While we're on the subject of "bundles of joy" and just so Rambo's turn in the spotlight doesn't go to his head, here's one of our other resident fur ball, Warhammer. Both this one and the shot of Lucy above were taken with the Sigma 30mm f/1.4

These next few were captured on Saturday night between courses of a delicious meal at Tramonto at the River Rock Casino in Richmond.

Even though I waited with my camera raised for ten minutes while a really tasty smelling appetizer plate went cold, I still feel I really got lucky on this next one. I may have to go back to this area again sometime soon and do an aviation-themed photo challenge.

The wine was excellent... So good I managed to make it last a little longer by exposing it for 3 seconds after spinning it around!

A mysterious lady waited in the shadows while the lights of the big city beckoned from afar...

Bokeh-riffic baby, bokeh-riffic! Shot taken with the ever-reliable Pentax Asahi SMC Takumar.

Part II to come in a couple of days. Two posts in one week? I know! Crazy!