Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Update

It's an exciting time right now for me with lots of stuff going on and a whole pile of work the next month to keep me out of trouble and hopefully get me into some too.

As of yesterday, I am working as a story consultant on a cool feature-length thriller based on this book by Vancouver writer Joel Mark Harris.

I'm expecting to be spending a solid amount of time on contract with Descriptive Video Works writing description and helping to make the classic movie Zulu (starring Michael Caine) accessible to the blind and vision impaired.

Last but not least, I'm currently in the final stages of pre-production on a brand new webseries project, Fools For Hire which I'll be directing. My co-creators on the project, Nick Harrison and Mike Cavers,  and I have somehow managed to persuade some very talented folks to join us on our adventure which begins shooting on July 13th.

Initially we'll be getting the first 3 episodes in the can with lots more planned (Eps. 4 and 5 are being scripted as we speak). I'll be updating with pictures, behind-the-scenes clips and lots more as we get further into it.

In the meantime, here's some crazy video of an epic grizzly bear fight!

When I say "fight", I do of course mean "playfight". In this case, between Grinder and Coola who are both orphaned bears who now call the Grouse Mountain Grizzly Bear Refuge home. Seeing them up close is one thing but seeing them duking it out like this was unbelievable. They're huge creatures; They're awe-inspiring; They're cool... And they're also terrifying! Thank goodness for the 8' high electric fence between us.

As well as the above video, I took a tonne of pictures and I'll be sharing those soon.

Until next time, get out there and enjoy the sunshine!