Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 WEEK 45: Cold November Night

EEK I've gotten behind... Work commitments not to mention a run of cold, wet and windy Vancouver weather has made it tough to get pictures the last week. But I finally found a spare hour (as well as a hat, scarf and gloves!) to get out and snap some new tasty long exposure night shots for you to all feast your eyes upon!

This is the apartment building around the corner from where I live at Davie & Jervis - the building got a facelift this summer which until I took this picture, I discovered included colored illumination on some of the balconies.

Half a block down the street is St. Paul's Anglican Church. There were some beautifully haunting choral chants floating out as I took this picture.

No, the architects in Vancouver have not been at the rum (well, maybe...!) the buildings curving into the frame on each side are as a result of the super wide end of my Sigma 10-20mm lens. There is software out there that corrects the "fisheye" effect but a) I don't have it and b) I kinda like the warped perspective! This next one put a really nice curve to the church doors - I like the fairytale/Hobbiton nature of this one.

Cold empty streets... Well, almost... Spot the girl texting? The streak of light is a passing car.

While I was taking this one (shoulder-checking for approaching motorists with road or photographer rage) a guy walked past then halted at the curb to ask, "What are you doing?" He asked it as though I was murdering someone's pet in the middle of the street. I looked from the camera and no doubt sounded a little confused and maybe even defensive when I replied, "Um... Taking a picture..." then as if to clarify, "It's a long exposure..." He scowled then went on his way. Weird.

You may have noticed by now that as well as photos of birds, I seem drawn to fire escapes... This apartment building (once a hotel) has some awesome fire escapes!

Taken in Nelson Park, these next two are of what I think must be the least fun playground in the world.

I mean look at that thing?! How is that supposed to be fun for a kid? It's pretentious. It's uncool. It's completely impractical. It doesn't even have a proper slide for God's sake!

Perhaps the "ghosts" I caught in this one the lost souls of playgrounds past...

Thankfully, though I got a few odd looks ("Why is he taking a picture at night with no flash?") nobody passing by was as disgruntled as my previous encounter.

Its hard to tell if this is a brown paper bag (nope) or a large leaf (yup!) but I still like this one.

This looks lik something out of Tron.

Something new... and something old...

I did a fair amount of post-processing on the above image, tweaking exposure, colour temperature, contrast and definition but I like the way it turned out. Long exposure photography sure yields surprising results sometimes. Through the lens when I took the picture, all I could see was the door and the light above it - After a 2 second exposure its amazing how much detail was able to be captured.

The Hyrdo building in all its night time long exposure glory!

This was my last picture of the night. Mostly because I was freezing my ass off but also because snowflakes were beginning to drift down from that cloud overhead.

I have to say I'm really enjoying the long exposure adventures. Especially when combined with a super-wide angle lens. All of these pictures were captured with a shutter speed of between 1 and 2 seconds. Hope you enjoyed them!

Until next time...