Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 WEEK 36: Davie Days

This past Saturday marked the annual "Davie Days" event where the street we live on, Davie Street, is shut down to traffic for the day and is filled with sunny faces, local merchants and all the many aspects of our vibrant community.

It's not everyday one sees a Blacksmith across from one's apartment building.

Yes, that's smoke coming from the horses hoof... The horse didn't seem to mind so either he doesn't feel  anything in his hooves or he was on a heavy dose of tranquilizers for the day.

Maybe it was tranquilizers... He was quite taken with this lady:

There were some scary characters walking the streets, such as these Morris dancers - where I come from Morris Men, decked out in white with straw hats and skipping gayly around the Maypole, aren't at all terrifying (unless you've seen The Wicker Man).

You know what else is creepy? CLOWNS! I was glad I had a long lens to keep him at a safe distance.

Another entry into the horror show... Cursed tribal masks!

Watched by the usual horror film cliche... "The Laughing Hippie" - okay, so maybe that one's a bit of a stretch...).

This lady was taking a break from serving Jamaican Patties - No doubt they too were cursed with some kind of voodoo shenanigans.

Here we have The Wicked Witch of the West stealing away poor little Toto...

Dog massage or an attempt at canine exorcism? You decide!

The famous Davie Street Daredevils and their levitating bikes were in attendance...

As was Spiderman's less famous nephew keeping the crowd at bay with the largest Hula-Hoop I've ever seen.

And throughout this deceptively hedonistic display of community revelry, the band played on, lulling the crowd into submission with their soft, hypnotic, Jazz stylings... Notice the semi-naked tattooed man behind pretending not to listen... By the time the sun set our community was changed forever...

Until next time folks!