Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 WEEK 21: Mother Nature says, "Hang in there!"

Spring is acting like a teenager this year...

Temperamental. Moody. Excitable. Indifferent. Selfish. Or maybe we didn't get a Spring this year and this is all Winter's doing. Talk about over-staying your welcome.

But you know what Spring or Winter or whatever the hell season you're pretending to be? If it takes a few more weeks of weird rain and freakish chills, so be it. You are dead to me - let's just skip right to Summer and get on with it.

Mother Nature agrees and in the brief periods between cloud and dampness, there are signs everywhere that life is determined to go on.

Oh-oh! Almost took another bird picture... Thankfully he saw Winter breathing down his neck again so he quickly took flight. Meanwhile this raccoon is distinctly mis-trustful of seasonal variances.

I spotted him at eye level in a tree but he soon climbed down when a lady came by with a bag of peanuts. In fact several raccoons appeared. I don't understand why people take the risk of feeding these creatures. Sure they're fluffy, they're cute and kind of comical but, they can also be downright vicious. It's not good for us or for the raccoon population of Stanley Park to be so comfortable around each other.

That said, combined with my 55-250mm lens, it sure gave me a great photo op...

And from about eight feet away...

Around Lost Lagoon this is a great time of year to see wildlife. Little ducklings and goslings are hatching and the swans are nesting. When they're not nesting they're doing a whole lot of grooming.

After watching this one swan for twenty minutes as she groomed her wings, I had a feeling it was just a matter of time before she stretched her wings. I'm glad I was patient.

"Mmm, I love turtles!" These two guys look like a couple of castaways.

In Vancouver there's always somewhere where one can take the load off and watch the world go by.

The lady below agrees.

This lady also confuses me. I found her sleeping in a flowery grove on the edge of Stanley Park. She was surrounded by bags, very much a gypsy... Now the big question for me is, "What's with the blonde wig, lady?"

Until next time folks, rain or shine, get out there and explore.