Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 WEEK 19: Green

Phew! What a month it's been!

Slim pickings this week from me as far as photos go but I'll be resuming normal service this week. As I write, there's a blue sky outside my window... I hope it lasts and this miserable, grey, wet period is finally skulking away - it sure has out-stayed its welcome this year.

Green has been on my mind a lot of late. Particularly given the eco-themed webseries shoot of "Libelle" that we wrapped on Sunday. In addition to telling a good story and entertaining it's audience with every episode, the series is rooted in environmental science and ecology. When episodes begin rolling out on the web in the Fall, there will also be documentary content expanding on the ideas presented in the show as well as behind-the-scenes material highlighting how every aspect of our shoot was environmentally focused.

I don't think I've ever been on such a green shoot. Normally, when one says "green" in relation to a film production, it's a thinly veiled insult regarding the experience level of those involved, but that was far, far from the case on "Libelle". In addition to a wonderful cast and crew, we had a very small footprint wherever we filmed - no convoy of large movie trucks, no gasoline burning generators, no nasty styrofoam cups, plates etc. filling up a multitude of garbage bags. There was nary a plastic water bottle in sight. All drinking water was served in sturdy, good for the environment, mason jars and all food was organic.

Of all the shoots I've been on, and that includes many large budget productions, this was easily in the top three in terms of tasty lunches. Low budget to no-budget, bulk-prepared catering, delivered to locations not necessarily served directly from an on-set kitchen, does not necessarily mean bland, greasy, unappetizing or unhealthy. Kudos to the producers for providing us with such wonderful and varied organic and wholesome lunches and despite varying dietary needs, ensuring there was something for everyone. A well-fed crew is a happy crew.

Huge thanks to all the many cast, crew, sponsors and supporters who so generously donated their creativity, time and energy in such positive fashion for the duration of the shoot. As director it made my job so much easier and made for an incredibly rewarding experience. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to work together again soon.

These week's pictures were taken with a beautiful beast of a lens, the 1965 Super Takumar 300mm f/4.