Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 WEEK 17: Family Easter

I'm deeply embedded in pre-production on the web series pilot "Libelle" which we begin shooting on Friday May 6th. Although I was working for a good chunk of the Easter long weekend, my wife and I managed to escape for a few days to visit family in Powell River.

A big thank you to the family for being such great hosts. It seems like forever ago that I began this photo blog in Week 1 of 2011 with a picture of "Lucy the ancient" but she's still very much alive and kicking!

Max, my mother-in-law's Golden Doodle, is not only the coolest dog I've ever met, but he's also very respectful and gentle with Lucy despite her deafness and old cat breath...

I've never owned a dog, only cats. I'd say I'm not really a dog person. Max however, makes a good argument for owning a dog someday. He has an amazingly goofy personality that's impossible to resist and from a photographic standpoint he's incredibly expressive.

Just look at that. How could anyone say no to that face?! Here, have a treat...

For Easter dinner we visited my sister-in-law's family. Thank you Christal for putting on an amazing spread. We were graced by the presence of nephew Elijah's friend, the Dark Knight himself.

Batman kept a watchful eye on the wine consumption and guarded Christal's home made bread as though it were Gotham City Hall.

Piper-Dove, my niece, calls me "Uncle Meal" and is a natural in front of the camera. Not only does she win the award for taking the cutest pictures she also wins the award for her subtle eye-rolling at "Uncle Meal" when she's decided he's taken enough pictures and should be more social.

Despite a healthy amount of chocolates delivered by the Easter Bunny, even Piper had her fill of turkey and began to fade.

Monday was a long day of travelling. Lots of driving down the peninsula of the Sunshine Coast and two ferry rides before we finally made it home.

Sitting for hours waiting in the car in a line-up for the ferry takes its toll... You know when you start taking pictures of the details inside your Toyota Matrix (care of Modo Vancouver's awesome car co-op) that it's time to get home and face reality again!

Until next time.