Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

What a busy few months it's been! Sadly I can't share some of the things I've been up to since it's still very hush-hush but as soon as I can spill the beans, I will do so.

The good news is I've been shooting lots of video lately and have even gotten back out there and snapped a bunch of photos. As soon I've had time to go through them and pick out the best ones I'll be happy to share them here.

In the meantime, if you've got 4 minutes to spare, check out this comedy short I directed with my fabulous friends Dan, Chad and Kim of BackIn4 Productions which was put together very quickly in time for Mother's Day (North American Mother's Day that is, British Mother's Day was back in March). As I write this, our little video has already passed 500 views on youtube which is a lot more than we were expecting for our first project out of the gate.

The BackIn4 crew are Dan Heinz, Chad Coleman and Kim Nachtigal all of whom are recent graduates of the Vancouver Acting School and this video will hopefully be the first of many. This short was shot in about 5 hours using my Canon 60D and took a day to edit. It could have taken a lot less time to edit but I had a few new things to learn including how to sync dailies with separately recorded audio.

Since my last shoot I've acquired a few more important pieces of gear rounding out my camera package including the SmallHD DP4 EVF and (finally!) a decent tripod in the form of the FC-04H. Both of these items were on special and although not that cheap they were significantly cheaper than anything else out there offering the same great features.

Of course, at the end of the day it all comes down to how well the gear performs and all I can say is "Wow! What a difference!" I can finally see what I'm shooting clearly, with no sun glare and I can judge exposure and focus accurately. As the for the tripod, I'm kind of a snob when it comes to these things having been spoiled with the top-of-the-line gear back in my camera assistant days but the FC-04H is pretty damn impressive. Best of all, with the tripod legs made of carbon fiber it is super light to carry around. Audio was recorded using the Roland R-26 digital field recorder and a RODE NTG-2 shotgun mic. For my first time using this, I was pretty surprised at how clean the audio turned out - certainly a lot better than that nasty, noise-filled, tinny sounding onboard mic that the Canon 60D has!

In the next few days I'll be busy editing a short behind-the-scenes piece I shot for the awesome folks at Descriptive Video Works then there'll be another comedy shoot with the BackIn4 crew the following week so look out for that.

I'll also try and put up some of the photos I've taken in the last few weeks - My parents have been visiting Vancouver so I've had a good excuse to get to know my inner tourist.

To my mom and to all amazing moms out there, thank you for everything that you do!