Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mulieris Futura

As promised, here's the resulting short film from what was essentially a fun four hours of shooting on the shores of Deer Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park. Located about a 20 minute drive from Harrison Hot Springs, it's a beautiful place especially this time of year. We were the only people there the entire time we were shooting!

Mulieris Futura from Neil Every on Vimeo.

"So what was that all about Neil?"

Well, that's entirely up to you. It's one of those, "make what you want of it" short films. The title is a Latin translation of Her Future and my interpretation is that the dreamy segments are actually flash forwards to an eventual or possible future the woman may or may not experience.

The story and indeed the shooting style itself came mostly from us arriving at the location and thinking "Wow! We have to film here!" I had some new camera gear I wanted to test out (I'll do a separate post on that next week) and we literally just started shooting at the edge of the lake with zero concept of a story beyond doing something moody and evocative. I'll leave you to decide as to whether or not that was achieved.

Huge thanks to Melanie for just going with the flow. Maybe next time (when it's warmer!) we'll go with your original suggestion of covering yourself in mud and twigs etc. and playing a wild woman in the wilds!

The music is all royalty free and is from a composer by the name of Kevin MacLeod who has lots of free to use music available here.

Until next time folks, I hope you enjoyed the film and I look forward to sharing more soon.