Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 WEEK 50: Max

I've always been more of a cat person. It's not that I don't like dogs, it's just that I never owned a dog and they were never really around much in my life growing up. I guess you could say I'm mostly indifferent to them unless they're barking loudly, gnashing their teeth at me, nipping at my heels or ramming their heads into my nether regions... In these situations I'm raising my eyebrows and being grateful I'm a cat person!

Max is a dog. A Goldendoodle to be precise and quite simply, he's AWESOME!

Max lives in Powell River and belongs to my mother-in-law, Laurie. After taking numerous pictures of Max, I've decided that he doesn't have a single bad angle. The camera loves him! And he I suspect he kind of loves the camera back...

How could anyone not like a lovable muppet like this?

Max is very soft and from certain angles he looks like a dog wearing a fluffy dog suit. When he runs, his ears flop around and even when he's barking up a storm it's hard to to take him seriously.

Max can be a little nervous when it comes to meeting new friends but he soon gets over it.

Just another day for Max.

Until next time folks... Hoping you're all having a wonderful Christmas!