Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 WEEK 42: Gourd Help Us!

Before I get to the fate of our pumpkins from the Westham Island Herb Farm pumpkin patch, here are a few more pictures I snagged on the way back from Westham Island.

Access to the island is over a rickety old wooden swing bridge that is only one lane wide - Vehicles take turns crossing it in each direction. In all the times I've visited the island over the years I've never had to stop while the bridge was opened for a boat.

On one side of the bridge there are a number of floating homes.

The following pictures were taken further down the river. Wonderful dramatic Fall skies. It reminds me a little of Alberta.

Arriving home we got to our pumpkin carving and here are the results... First up, Mel's:

And here's mine. "These aren't the Gourds you're looking for"...

Until next time folks!