Saturday, September 24, 2011

WEEK 38: Something Is Better Than Nothing

Not much of an offering this week I'm afraid. I've been battling a monster of a cold, sinuses etc. most of the week but I was determined to put up something!

Since the new Lensbaby was still on the camera from last week's entry I figured I'd put it through its paces again, this time around the house.

This is Medusa from the original Clash of the Titans movie, a favourite of mine when I was a kid. Of all of Ray Harryhausen's wonderful designs and stop motion sequences, his design for Medusa is the best in my opinion. Here she is in all her cross-processing glory.

In these photos the Lensbaby and its natural way of throwing the focus off actually makes these figures look more realistic. All of these models are only 6" in size but you'd never know it from the pictures.

Do not let this next guy near water. Keep out of direct sunlight... And never, ever feed after midnight!

Since the Cybermen made their debut in Doctor Who way back on October 8, 1966 there have been many different designs. This one is the 80s version and is my favourite.

In honour of this weeks Blu Ray release of the complete Star Wars saga, here's Darth Tater.

Sometimes its really frustrating when a picture doesn't quite turn out. Actually, its always frustrating when a picture doesn't turn out - especially when one can see the potential...

Damn you focusing! So close and yet so far... Imagine my surprise when this next attempt turned out to be in focus... I think this is Blog history round these parts - my first self portrait!

This is how I usually look when I'm out gathering content for these pages...

Backwards Canon logo care of a mirror not some wonky parallel universe I've been visiting... although there have been times this week where I didn't feel quite "here" on this world.

Hopefully next week I'll be 100% again. *sniff-sniff*...*cough-cough*

Until next time folks. Stay healthy.