Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 WEEK 23: Burrard Bridge At Sunset

After a disappointing evening watching the Vancouver Canucks implode in Game 3, all it took was a walk home across the Burrard Street Bridge to lift my spirits again. Although I couldn't resist snapping a picture of the curvy monstrosity at the foot of the bridge.

This building has always struck me as odd and creepy. Also known as 1450 Chestnut Street or Parkview Towers, I've no idea what it's like inside or what it's like living there so apologies if you're a tenant and are offended by this! From the outside at least, it looks like the kind of place where bad things might happen... a place where people, whether voluntarily or not, get lost inside their homes. Hmm... Maybe it would make a great location for a dark and gritty urban webseries...

Burrard Street Bridge was opened July 1st, 1932 and was designed by architect George Lister Thornton Sharp - That's a name as grand as the bridge towers!

Random fact: Each of the two towers features the prow of a ship with a different figurehead. One of the figurehead busts is of Sir Henry Burrard-Neale (above) and the other is of Captain George Vancouver. The busts are identified by a "B" and a "V" beneath them.

A great evening for a ride across False Creek on one of the little ferries zipping back and forth.

Or just a great evening to enjoy the view - And don't worry, this lady was quite happy with the sunset and was not contemplating jumping after the Game 3 loss!

Very little post-processing was done on these images except a slight tweak of contrast and vibrancy in Aperture 3. Other than that it was all done in-camera by adjusting the f-stop, shutter speed and ISO.

The shot above and the next two are my favourites.

THE GEEKY: All of these photos were taken with the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 - It's usually my go-to lens for shooting low-light portraiture so it was particularly challenging taking landscape pictures with it. - I really wish I'd had my wide angle lens with me. Ah well, hopefully by the end of the year I can save up the money to get that decent walk-around zoom lens with a low f-stop and a good range of focal length. Feel free to donate to "The Broke Photographer's Fund"! Which reminds me, if you have any old lenses or camera gear that is just gathering dust, send it my way, I'll gladly take it for a spin.

Until next time folks...