Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 WEEK 9: Comforting Skin

Nothing makes me prouder than to be able to introduce and hype some talented friends of mine who are in the process of putting the finishing touches to their first feature film, "Comforting Skin".

The films director, Derek Franson, and producer, Justin James, have busted their butts and made many sacrifices over the years to get the movie made but not only have they accomplished that but they've got a very, very cool movie on their hands.

Derek really does look the part. Both he and Justin are growing "play-off beards" until the movie is completed.

This past Sunday I was invited over to Blue Wave Productions for the final recording session of the score for "Comforting Skin". Running the show was another friend of mine, Alain Mayrand who is rapidly becoming one of the most talented composers in Canada. Alain is one of those rare people who is affable, passionate, dedicated to his work and very, very good at what he does. I was lucky enough to have Alain compose the score for my short film "Say Yes"; Alain also composed the score to "The Legend of Silkboy" the animated feature I wrote and the soundtrack album has been picking up rave reviews all over the place.

Huge thanks go to Mitchell Politeski who was generous enough to come out for the day and shoot stills and video alongside me. Yes, video! Stay tuned... There'll be more on the "Comforting Skin" recording session coming soon. In the meantime here are some more images to whet your appetite.

Pianist Amy Lee.

Violinist Dominic Woo.

The view from the bridge- I mean, sound booth.

Sound Engineer Elisa and Assistant Engineer Josh keeping a watchful eye on recording levels.

How anyone can keep track of all those buttons is beyond me.

Until next time folks.